Georges St-Pierre visits Newmarket!!

Robinson’s Karate Schools brought Georges St-Pierre to Newmarket for a training seminar, on May 5th, 2012. Check out my pics!!

Out of the mouth of my husband…

Charles: “I swear sometimes you’re like an orange on a toothpick!” Me: “What? “Sputnick”?” (Thinking that Charles is referencing the movie, “So I Married An Axe Murderer”) Charles: “No. Mildly amusing but mostly… Continue reading

Keeping our sanity…?

Life is stressful for everyone.  That’s a simple fact of our existence. I feel like the period between your mid-twenties to early-thirties can be an especially stressful time, as that’s the period of… Continue reading

We’re not the only ones!

One thing that continually frustrates me is hearing how small-minded people can be of couples in our living situation… Charles and I decided to get married even though we knew we’d have to live… Continue reading

scenes from a two month old marriage…

Saturday evenings for us are what a lot of people call “Friday”…except instead of having two days off together we have one.  So when Charles picked me up from work this evening, we… Continue reading

Revamped blog!

Charles and I during the best dinner we’ve ever eaten! The wedding is over, and so is the honeymoon (unfortunately). Bring on the next step!! But…uhh…what is that exactly? Kids, right? Ummm…not quite… Continue reading

Almost a month since the wedding…here are some pics!

Hi everyone! By special request here are some of our wedding photos. We were so lucky to have our dear friend, Michelle Gingras, as our wedding photographer.  She did such an amazing job!… Continue reading

Last post before we’re married!

Wow! I actually slept last night! I just woke up and I actually feel somewhat rested. I definitely didn’t expect that to happen the night before our wedding day.  I am feeling a… Continue reading

Hair trial = awesome!

I love my wedding hair! I gotta say if all the pictures were headshots, I might not miss the dress. If you wanna see pics from my hair trial, click on my Flickr… Continue reading

First mobile post…

This is the first mobile post, so please excuse the lack of pizazz…still trying to figure out how to make posts pretty (for lack of a better word) from the mobile app. Charles… Continue reading

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